First, let us define what is an emotional connection? According to, emotional means governed by emotion and connection means association or relationship. If we combine the two words, it means that it is a relationship between two people specifically lovers, who share an emotional bond.

Emotional connection is one of the important factors in building a long lasting relationship with your partner. Why is it imperative to a healthy and happy marriage life or relationship?

  • Having an emotional connection with your partner helps you both have a deeper sense of understanding, forgiveness, assertiveness, positivism and intimacy.

  • Secondly, sharing what you feel will not only improve your communication to each other but will aid you in case problems and challenges arise in your relationship. You need to learn from each other in order for this to work like for example learning what makes him/her smile, sad or angry. The more you learn, the better your connection to each other be.


  • Third, for both of you to be able to continue your emotional connection to each other, you need to be honest with each other and expose your regrets, pain, inner secrets trauma, etc. Why? Because by doing so you will be able to build one of the foundations of a relationship: Trust. You provide trust to your partner and accept his/her flaws and imperfections.

  • Fourth, once you both have trust to each other, you should also be emotionally available. You will have the readiness to be open minded with your partner. Try to talk about it casually and relaxed after dinner or a date at the nearby park. Find ways even if you’re a busy person.

  • Fifth, show love. Even if you’re in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, never fail to show love. Love is what brought you together that is why you are able to start a family or about to. You should never lose it even if you have kids. Go out on a date at the cinema or in a restaurant. It’s necessary to give yourselves a private time too. Kiss, Hug, always say “I love you” to each other. Give flowers or gifts once in a while.

  • Sixth, Fighting is unavoidable in any relationship. It might be as small as watching different TV. Shows and not share the remote or as big as seeing or talking to your ex. Always remember, do not dig up the past. What happened before may not happened again, focus on the present situation instead. Listen to each other’s side and calm down. Don’t let pride rule over you. It’s never too late to say sorry and admit your mistakes. Forgive, Forget and move on.

  • Seventh, observe. Check and see what his /her behavior is and why he/she does it. Some people may have changes in their behavior or how they act after the dating stage and adjusting to the married life. He/She may not be the same as before because of a lot of adjustment but it’s both your will to be together even if faced in those circumstances in order for you to make a happy and wonderful relationship last forever.

While maintaining a harmonious emotional connection isn’t always easy, there’s hope. The key is constant communication and understanding each other’s needs.

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