Regardless of what you may have heard before, the secret to bringing women to bed isn’t the way you bang. So, what does a woman look for a man? Unsurprisingly, the answer is quite complicated.

In terms of romantic attraction, men are highly motivated by curves and looks. On the other hand, women highly value their financial and social status. In 1969, Glen Elder, a sociologist at University of North Caroline discovered that good-looking women tend to settle down with wealthier and higher status but less attractive men. Ultimately, this finding became the strong basis for other social science research.

Recently, a 2010 research figured out that men pictured along with a Silver Bentley Continental GT were considered as more striking than those pictured along with Red Ford Siesta ST. Then, a research in 2014 found out that men pictured while in a high-class apartment were dubbed as more appealing than those who belong in a control group.

Why there’s more attraction to power and resources?

Otherwise known as social dominance, status or the ability to protect and provide, power is a general term, which serves as the main appealing factor for women these days. According to Heather Remoff, the author of the book ‘Sexual Choice: A Woman’s Decision – Why and How Women Choose The Men They Do As Sexual Partners’, emphasized that power is subjective and it generally relies on how a woman perceives power, either socially or biologically.

There are women who claim that their attraction to powerful men roots from her family upbringing. Maybe, her father is known to be the man of the house. Thus, when looking for her future better half, she would definitely look for someone she can depend on everything.

Some women associate power with man’s age or maturity. Others simply link it to their income. Some dreams of ending up with a man who has a bad boy image wearing a leather jacket. But for other girls, power can be found on charismatic teachers. It can’t be denied that popularity is another source of man’s power.

As a rule, power refers how guys showcase themselves as independent wherein he always excel at everything he does while people around him praise him due to his excellence.

Why women prefer more power than anything else? The answer is simple. Power shows that a man could love and care them and their future offspring. While we are already living in an egalitarian society where women stand independently like men, they still need someone they can depend on sexually and financially.


Unintentionally or intentionally, falling for men in power has its downsides too. As what the old adage says ‘not all that glimmers is gold’. Thus, when looking for powerful partner, you may possibly pay dearly in one way or another if that relationship doesn’t work at all. Are you willing to take that risk? Ask that question in your mind a thousand times before proceeding.

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